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US Service Animals

Empowering People Through Animal Assistance

A market leader in the emotional support animal prescription and registration sector, as well as an established service dog training and registration provider. US Service Animals simplifies the process of making pets legally valid service or emotional support animals.

Their emphasis is on mental health and assistant animal education, legal support, community and activism involvement, and streamlined and accessible prescription and registration processes. US Service Animals empowers individuals with mental or emotional disabilities by helping them get the legal right to live and travel with their assistance animals.


The Challenge

Many people who live with disabilities or mental health conditions require the support of service animals or emotional support animals. However, the process of obtaining the necessary documentation and understanding legal rights can be daunting and confusing. Additionally, the sector is overrun with legally invalid emotional support animal or service dog providers, which can make customers apprehensive of any related service.

US Service Animals identified a need for a streamlined, accessible, and supportive service to assist these individuals. They also saw the need for a trustworthy source of educational information about the legal requirements for emotional support animals or service dogs.


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Traffic Growth on “Emotional Support Animal”

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for “Emotional Support Animal”
(~80,000 Monthly Search Volume)
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for “ESA Letter”
(~20,000 Monthly Search Volume)

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